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The Snowpoint city arena Quest

Location Snowpoint city [Next to the temple below ground floor]
Level requirement 30 (Although we recommend a higher level to clear it).
Required equipment Lock picks
Creatures you may face Rot elemental, Chakoya windcaller, Gozzler, Execowtioner, Armadile, Frost giant, Stone devourer, Orewalker, Vampire viscount, Werewolf.
Reward Knight: Beastslayer axe, Tower shield. Mages: Hat of the mad, Spellbook of warding. Paladin: Belted cape, Crossbow Lv2.
- What this arena makes different compared to other arena's is the fact that you have no breaks in between the battles. As soon you have slain a creature the next comes up. So keep an eye to your health even if your target is close to death. The difficulty increase fast in this arena.

- You need to be atleast level 30 to do the arena, But it is hard to clear the arena below level 60 without skills/strategy or equipment.

- Only one player at a time can do the arena, the arena reset after every new try. So if you have lost your loot do not think restoring it.

- Some creature may have the following abilitie(s) as haste, paralyze, healing, skill reduce, conditions(bleeding, poison etc).

- Werewolf with it's 2 summons are able to shield break you. So be cautious. We recommend as knight to dance around the werewolf.


Getting to the snowpoint city arena.

1. Take the boat to Snowpoint city.

2. Follow the path to the north east of the city. Untill you reached the snowpoint city temple.

3. On the right side of the snowpoint city temple there is a stair, take the stairs to below.

4. Walk to the left untill you see a special tile next to a lever.

By pulling the lever you will start the snowpoint city arena


1. Rot elemental (HP: 600 / EXP: 550 / DPS: 30-590)
2. Chakoya windcaller (HP: 750 / EXP: 600 / DPS: 20-760)
3. Gozzler (HP: 900 / EXP: 800 / DPS: 40-530)
4. Execowtioner (HP: 1200 / EXP: 1000 / DPS: 50-656)
5. Armadile (HP: 1550 / EXP: 1350 / DPS: 60-1030)
6. Frost giant (HP: 1800 / EXP: 1650 / DPS: 55-640)
7. Stone devourer (HP: 2200 / EXP: 2050 / DPS: 60-850)
8. Orewalker (HP: 2600 / EXP: 2150 / DPS: 75-1010)
9. Vampire viscount (HP: 3300 / EXP: 2800 / DPS: 0-1200)
10. Werewolf (HP: 3800 / EXP: 2900 / DPS: 180-1105 with it's 2 summons included)

After clearing the arena, take the door on the northern side of the arena. Every room is for a different vocation. With each room containing 2 items(which you can claim both).