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Skill Points #1 Quest

Location Swamp of Venom.
Level requirement 50
Required equipment Shovel, lock picks
Creatures you may face Snake, Spiders, Wolves, Centipede, Woodling, Slime, Earth golem, Acid raiders.
Reward 30 Skill points.
- The swamp is pretty easy to reach, it is not far away from the Orc fortress.
- There are about 13 skill points quests, not all of them will be spoiled.


1. Enter the cave shown on the minimap.

2. Follow the path to the west, and take the stairs down.

3. You will encounter now 2 experience doors of level 50, Take the door to the west.

4. Make your way to the west, untill you encounter a hole. Dig up the hole and go down a floor.

5. Make your way to the east, walk over the log, untill you reach a three way split.

5. Chest in sight =)