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The map is fully custom about half the size of RL tibia. The first city is based on evolutions.


The temple is where your adventure begins. The temple has a lot to offer.
Main floor
Anifried(NPC) Sells blessings, Heals you in case you are heavily injured or if you have a status condition. Also offers missions and is willing to explain you the basics(hunting, bosses, experience, cities)
+1 floor
Mini Depot
Aldo(NPC) Repairs soft boots
-1 floor
Teleport to take citizenship of Enigma City
Teleport to Last Man Standing Event
Teleport to Event Area
-2 floor
Minecart to Trainers
Minecart to Earth worms
Minecart to Undeads #1
Minecart to Cyclops
Minecart to Undeads #2
Minecart to Dragon
Lower Floors
Train to Woodlum Town
Minecart to Behemoths
Minecart to Demons
Minecart to Hydra/Venom serpent
Minecart to Dragon lord and others


Levels Exp rate
Level 1-99 100x
Level 100-199 90x
Level 200-299 80x
Level 300-399 70x
Level 400-499 60x
Level 500-599 50x
Level 600-699 40x
Level 700-799 30x
Level 800-899 20x
Level 900-999 10x
Level 1000+ 5x
Other rates Multiplier
Skill rate 25x
Magic rate 7x
Loot rate 2x
Other information
Exhaust stairjumping 0.5 second
Experience by killing Players Yes
Frags each day to Red skull 4
Frags each week to Red skull 15
Frags each month to Red skull 30
Red skull duration 30 days
Black skull duration 45 days
Orange skull duration 7 days
PvP protection level 50
Frag time 6 hours each
Charges Limited

Special Features

Coming soon...