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There are many pets with different effects and usage.

You can get a pet by buying doctor penguin at lisa (Ask anifried to travel or !exiva "lisa) in the enigma pet store or hatch a egg. (Hi > Buy Doctor Penguin > Yes).

You can summon a pet by saying !pet call

There are 2 kinds of eggs. A common egg and a glowing egg.
Both contains pets and can be looted from all creatures aslong the monster is not too weak
compared to your level.

A glowing egg is a more rare variant containing some pets that can evolve. Ofcourse the loot chance is smaller compared to the common egg.

When you have a egg, you need to hold your egg in backpack or slot to let it hatch. It will hatch when the egg is out of charges. When the egg hatches you can change it at lisa by saying change and then the name of the pet(a list of available pets will pop up).

What the egg hatches is random. All pets can get stronger, they will level up when you level up. Some pets can even evolve or even evolve two times. they evolve by reaching a certain level. Level 75 or 100 or 125(Max level). Pets also become stronger by evolving.

The passive skill pets are fixed and won't be lower or higher. Pets cannot be used in PVP, neither can pets cast offensive spells if player is unreachable.

Pets will only use their ability when you target a monster, the same for pets with passive skill.

Some does distant single target damage, some does a area of damage, while others can give a passive skill or healing the master or a combination of those.

Pets will have same walkspeed as player (without haste, eq etc). They also teleport to player when you are far away. Unless the distance too big. Then you need to call it again..

* If you cannot find the pet you are looking for use CTRL+F to search.


Pets name


Aggro monkey

+4% Distance & throws small stones.


+4% Magic level skill


Heals master

Backshield turtle

+4% Shielding skill


+6% Mana leech chance


+3% Mana leech chance

Black sheep

+3% Shielding skill

Bloodline baby dragon

Fire wave attack & Trapper attack


+2% Life leech & Mana leech chance

Camel gold

+4% Life leech chance


Trapper attack

Dark croco

Trapper attack

Delta ray

Ring of Energy attack


+7% Critical hit chance

Dirty smuggler

Throws small stones

Doctor penguin

Ice Strike attack

Dworc fleshhunter

+6% Distance skill

Dworc voodoomaster

+4% Magic resistance skill

Ember baby dragon

Fire wave attack



Frost baby dragon

Ice Strike attack

Ghost wolf

+8% Mana leech chance

Goblin ninja

Throws assassin stars

Goblin scavenger

Throws knives


Drown strike attack


+3% Distance skill / Melee

Jack rabbit

+2% Attack speed skill

Knight beetle

+6% Critical hit chance


+3% Shielding skill

Loyal canine

Whirlwind Blade attack

Magic monkey

+3% Magic level skill


Divine Strike attack

Moon wolf

Ring of Ice attack


Death area attack

Moonshine panda

+2% Magic resistance & Shielding skills

Prime canine

Whirlwind Blade attack


+3% Melee


Holy area attack

Sacred essence

Light of Hope attack & Heals master


+3% Critical chance skill


+6% Shielding skill


Whirlwind Blade & Trapper attack

Shadow scion

Whirlwind Blade attack


Fierce Impact attack

Snow wolf

Heals master


Whirlwind Blade attack


+3% Melee + Whirlwind Blade attack

Syn wolf

Ring of Fire


Holy area attack

White sheep

Heals master


+2% Melee skill