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Nightmare Quest

Location Woodlum Town.
Level requirement 150
Required equipment Lock picks.
Creatures you may face Spiders, Wolves, War wolf, Night Wolf, Granny's itchy sweater, Nightmare, Teddy bear, Bad dream.
Reward Teddy bear, Spellbook of mind control.
- The easiest way to woodlum town is by taking the train of Enigma city.
- This quest cannot be done with friends, only 1 player can do it at a time.


1. Visit the house located at the north-western part of woodlum town. The house with experience door, and take the stairs down.

2. Walk to the sleeping room and touch the kid, he might say something in his sleep..

3. By touching the kid, you entered in his nightmare, you cannot escape unless you die, or survive.

4. First wave will exist mostly from night wolves, Be cautious, they are fast and strong!.

5. After the night wolves, granny's itchy sweater spawns in the area, A nightmare will summon everytime you slay a granny's itchy sweater.

6. As last a teddy bear will spawn, which will summon bad dream(boss) on death. On it's death it will drop a teddy bear.

7. You got teleported into the playing room, you might find some piggy banks here and there. Get upstairs, and open the chest.