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Hero Castle Quest

Location Eastern of midnight forest.
Level requirement 70
Required equipment None
Creatures you may face Spiders, Wolves, Possible creatures from midnight forest, Hero, Grawhls, Guardians.
Reward Naginata, Crown shield.
If you are citizen from enigma city, taking the train to woodlum town would be a usefull shortcut.


1. Enter the castle shown on the minimap.

2. Follow the path to the north, get inside the main building, and take the stairs in the first room on your left.

3. Follow the path to the north and take the stairs, Take the first stairs you see on the next floor, and follow the path to the northern again(and take the stairs).

3. Walk your way to the southern and take the stairs, be cautious! from here you will also encounter grawhls and guardians!

4. Make you way to the west, And just follow the one sided paths. Until you reach a level 70 experience door.

5. The stairs behind the experience door is the final room containing 3 heroes, and 4 guardians. If the room is clean, open the 2 chests in the north.