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Daily reward chest

You can find the daily reward chest at every temple.

In the daily chest you will find a lot of nice items. Most of the items are addon items, very usefull to collect/trade with others. But you might find other usefull stuff either like blessing runes, revival runes, lockpicks, skilling weapons as snowball, crystal wand, crystal coins etc.

Skill Points System

By saying !points you will open a window with options to spend your skill points on.

The options are Health, Mana, Capacity, Magic level, Attack speed, Club fighting, Sword fighting, Axe fighting, Distance fighting, Shielding and Magic Resistance.

Ofcourse some skills are only available for certain vocations(e.g. No magic level for knights or paladins).

Health, Mana and Capacity will cost 10 points regardless of the amount your original value.
Other skills gets more expensive by each skill level. At higher levels it will be expensive(Especially attack speed and magic resistance).

You will gain 2 skill points each new(farming by suicide not possible) level you have reached.

Also you will gain skill points by clearing story mode mainchapters(I, II, III and possible other in the future). There are about 13 hidden chests on the whole server, containing of 30, 50 or 100 skill points!

Upgrade System

Every creature in-game with a BASE exp(before multiplier) of 150 or higher has a 6% chance (9% chance if you wear lucky clover amulet) to drop upgrade crystals. Creatures from the EXP room(e.g. Omni sense) do not drop any upgrade crystals. They also have 60% break chance.

The upgrade crystals are used to improve your equipment with stat boosts. Which stats boots are applied to the equipment depends on the vocation.

Mages can only boost (Magic level, Mana or shielding). Paladins can only boost (Health, Mana or Distance) and Knight can only boost (melee, shielding or health). This does not mean that the stats made by other vocations cannot work for other vocations.

Every equipment piece with armor or weapons can be boosted. No rings or ammunition. Every piece can have 3 slots, for 2 handed weapons

you can add 6 slots. The amount of stat boots varies between 1-3%. With a maximum of 63%(If every attribute is the same and a maximized stat of 3% each slot). Did you know it also works on amulet of loss?

Deflect System

The deflect system is a system for knights or higher only. It works for PVE aswell as PVP.

The deflect chance can either be influenced by promotion, skill and/or equipment.
When a player deflects, the original damage done by the creature is halved. And the other half of the damage is sent back to the original caster.
The type of damage depends on the original deflected attack.

- When your shielding is 50+ you will have a base deflect chance of 1%. If guardian then 2%.
- When your shielding is 100+ you will have a base deflect chance of 2%. If guardian then 3%.
- When your shielding is 150+ you will have a base deflect chance of 3%. If guardian then 4%.
- When your shielding is 400+ you will have a base deflect chance of 30%. If guardian then 60%.

As it is nearly impossible to have a base shielding of level 400, keep in mind a well skilled shielding, upgrade crystals and barrier spell will get you 400+ shielding.

Damaged Reflector Helmet [+1% deflect chance]
Haunted Reflector Shield [+5% deflect chance]
Reflector Armor [+3% deflect chance]
Reflector Legs [+2% deflect chance]

The amount of damage you can deflect depends on the user's level. You can only deflect damage if it is below (Level * 2). Which means a level 300, can deflect up to 600 damage.
And a level 1000 can deflect up to 2000 damage.

Strafe System

The strafe system is a passive for paladins or higher only. It works for PVE only.

The strafe system only works when your health is below 75%.
When strafe gets triggered, it will hit X amount of creatures in range. The amount of creatures depends on skill, with a maximum of 21 creatures!

If the creature is reachable ofcourse.
The amount of damage depends on level, skill, weapon etc.

- When your distance is below 50, you will have a base strafe chance of 1%. If ninja then 2%.
- When your distance is 50 or higher you will have a base strafe chance of 2%. If ninja then 3%.
- When your distance is 100 or higher you will have a base strafe chance of 3%. If ninja then 4%.
- When your distance is 150 or higher you will have a base strafe chance of 4%. If ninja then 5%.

Avoid system

Every player ingame has a chance to avoid a attack. If a hit is avoided, you will ofcourse lost 0 hitpoints instead of the original damage.

The amount of chance you avoid a attack depends on your vocation and shielding level. Every player has a base avoid chance of 1%. If you have your second promotion your base avoid chance would be 2%.

Sorcerer & Master Sorcerer:

Shielding Avoid Chance Alchemist Avoid Chance
30-39 2% 3%
40-49 3% 4%
50-59 4% 5%
60-69 5% 6%
70-79 6% 7%
80+ 7% 8%

Druid & Elder Druid:

Shielding Avoid Chance Shaman Avoid Chance
30-39 2% 3%
40-49 3% 4%
50-59 4% 5%
60-69 5% 6%
70-79 6% 7%
80+ 8% 9%

Paladin & Royal Paldin:

Shielding Avoid Chance Ninja Avoid Chance
50-59 2% 3%
60-69 3% 4%
70-79 4% 5%
80-89 5% 6%
90-99 6% 7%
100+ 8% 9%

Knight & Elite Knight:

Shielding Avoid Chance Guardian Avoid Chance
100-109 2% 3%
110-119 3% 4%
120-129 4% 5%
130-139 5% 6%
140-149 6% 7%
150+ 7% 8%

Lock picking

To open chests you need to have a lock pick. It has a small chance to break. They cost 100gp each at the tool shop, also lootable from humanoid creatures. By locking a pick you will randomly earn 2000, 3000 or 5000 EXP.

Temple Scroll

Temple scrolls are very usefull! By using a temple scroll a countdown of 60 seconds go off.
After 60 seconds you will be teleported back to the temple of where you are citizen from.

Temple scroll cannot be used when you are in battle, or used at certain events/quests.
If you use the scroll, and get in battle again in the 60 seconds, your scroll gets canceled, and you lost wasted a scroll.


A very usefull tool/weapon. Ever saw a lever at a unreachable platform?

With the axerang tool you are able to switch those levers. Also it is an infinite distance weapon! (Atk: 30). Aside the small stones and snowball.

Dropped by: Tsuful(Always).

Creature Ability

Creatures in Animera are different from the usual region's. Creatures here have many different abilities that have impact on the plain hunt style.


Creatures with the swarming ability calls for support from their swarm. It has a 20% chance to respawn 2-5 creatures on death.

Creatures with swarming ability: Wasp, Wolf, Young Wolf, War wolf, Grawhls, Steelclaw, Fiendrunner, Nightwolf.



Creatures with the slime effect, will split up if hit. Creature will summon clones by every hit they take.

Creatures with slime ability: Slime, Disrupted Slime



Creatures with the deflect effect, will deflect every damage, the amount of damage increases the lower it's health is.

Creatures with deflect ability: Ectoplasmer



Creatures with resurrection ability is able to respawn between 5 and 45 seconds.
The time between the effects may indicate how fast it will resurrect.

Creatures with resurrection ability: Suicide ghost

Instant Respawn

Creatures with instant respawn ability is able to respawn instantly on death.

Creatures with instant respawn ability: Omni Sense, Dirt Fang, Omni Soldier


Creatures with teleporting ability is able to teleport at random places in the spawn.

Creatures with teleporting ability: The walking dead, The dark emperor



Creatures with withdraw ability is able to nullify every damage for a few seconds, while withdraw is active, creature cannot walk.

Creatures with withdraw ability: Turtle, La jinn the mystical genie of the lamp



Creatures with suicide ability is able to blow up in a certain interval dealing a huge amount of damage.

Creatures with suicide ability: Suicide ghost



Creatures with slippery ability is able to avoid hits from others.

Creatures with slippery ability: Serpent Night Dragon, Nova Serpent, Medusa, Hydra, Cobra, Snake