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The Desert Dungeon Quest

Location East of Enigma city [Close to the desert]
Level requirement 20
Required equipment Pick, Lock picks
Creatures you may face Spiders, Earth worm, Wolves
Reward 5 Crystal coins, Noble armor, Crusader legs, Helmet of the lost, Dragon shield
In the past it was needed to enter the dungeon with 4 people with 1 vocation each.
This is no longer needed. You can also enter solo.


You have 2 ways to enter the desert quest.

1. Walking to the entrance of the cave.

2. Take the shortcut teleport on the third floor of enigma depot.


Yes i already thought so. After you stepped in the teleport.
Follow the path to the south, and pick at the right spot.

After you jump in the hole, follow the path to the left untill you reach a big room.
Walk to the right spots and use the levitate spell.

Just walk to the north and go through the experience door to enter the room.
Take a spot and switch the lever.

Congratulations with your rewards. Enter the teleport if you want to leave.
You are now at the same floor where you used the pick. Walk your way to the north to leave the cave.


In case you do want to walk to it, when taking the stairs down in the mountain this is an additional pick spot to enter the desert dungeon.