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Meditation room / Training machine room

The mediation room is mostly beneficial for magic users, standing on any tile in the room will give you a additional regeneration of 50 health and mana every second, Knights will ofcourse have a lower regeneration. Energy crystal's do not increase shielding. Training machine does skill your shielding.

You cannot be killed, pushed or kicked while your skilling. However skilling takes 2x longer as usual, if you skill without client(exit).

Magic resistance

The higher the magic resistance, the lower damage you will receive from magical damage.

The player does not lose any hitpoints due the high magic resistance is higher then the damage output of these minions.

Magic resistance can be skilled by getting hit by elemental damage.
The stronger the damage, the more magic resistance you will gain!
You will gain 1 skilltry if the damage is 3 times higher then your current skill (damage must be atleast 99 if you want to progress with a magic resistance level 33).
You will gain a skilltry for every 10% of full health the damage takes. If a demon boss throws a GFB draining 50% of your health it will give you 5 skill tries.
You can train your magic resistance by luring many creatures or in the magic resistance room.

Check your magic resistance with !stats

Skilling weapons

There are special weapons for (Magic level, Attack speed, Club fighting, Sword fighting, Axe fighting and Distance fighting).

Warlock's training sceptre: Has the same effect as the spell (concetration), Except it will give skill exp bonus of 20% instead of 30%. But it's atleast afkable. So you won't lose seconds of full mana.
Gold band: A weapon to train your attack speed skill. It is 300% faster then a regular weapon.
Cursed glove: Same as above but slightly better.
Light mace: Same as gold band, except for club fighting.
Combat knife: Same as gold band, except for sword fighting.
Golden sickle: Same as gold band, except for axe fighting.
Snowball: A weapon to train your distance fighting skill. It is 400% faster then a regular weapon.
Axerang: It has the same speed as any regular weapon. Except this one never breaks, with a atk of 30! Also a very usefull tool!
Small Stones: It has the same speed as any regular weapon. Except this one never breaks. Buyable at tyoric!


Gold band, Light mace, Combat knife, Golden sickle and Snowball is available through daily chest reward, boss loot, donation and more.

Axerang is only lootable by a boss from story mode III. Small stones are available at tyoric and possible by loot too!

Shielding Room / Magic Resistance Room

At the trainers hall there are 2 rooms for people from level 400 or higher. One of those rooms is the Shielding Room.
In the shielding room by wearing a shield and staying in range will get you hit very fast by the Training Slime. Which is 400% faster then regular skilling.
In the magic resistance room by standing in range you will get hit very fast by the Training Wizard. Which is 400% faster then regular skilling.

Use a pet, regeneration upgrades or regeneration equipment to keep getting healed all the time.

Exp room

Below temple floor there are 3 rooms containing creatures (Omni sense, Dirty fang and Omni Soldier).

These creatures do not drop any loot at all. Pure EXP.

As soon as the creature dies, a new one will spawn immediatly. Aside that the original death will cause respawns either.

Which will resulting in more or less creatures in the room.

If you kill it too fast, you will kill faster then the respawn resulting in cleaning the room over time and so also reduce the exp/time ratio,
if you kill it too slow, you will get overcrowded.
The exp doors contains a exhaust of 3 seconds, and will teleport you randomly between 1-5 tiles behind the doors,
to prevent sio'ing/exp share from PZ, jumping in/out etc.
With a good setup it may be fun to farm some EXP. Hunting at the EXP room consumes soul. If you are out of soul you get kicked from the room
and cannot enter the room anymore.


Exp lounge

Lazy day? Just online to hang with friends? You can gain experience by sitting on a bench or luxurious couch.

The amount of experience depends on the user's level * 5. That means, a level 10 gains 250 experience 5 seconds and a level 150 gains
3750 experience each 5 seconds. With a capacity of 5000 experience.



Skill Points System

By saying !points you will open a window with options to spend your skill points on.
The options are Health, Mana, Magic level, Attack speed, Club fighting, Sword fighting, Axe fighting, Distance fighting, Shielding and Magic Resistance.
Ofcourse some skills are only available for certain vocations(e.g. No magic level for knights).
Health, Mana and Capacity will cost 10-20 points depends on which vocation, and increases in price by every purchase.
Other skills gets more expensive by each skill level. At higher levels it will be expensive(Especially attack speed and magic resistance).
You will gain 2 skill points each new(farming by suicide not possible) level you have reached and for every quest chest unlocked.
Also you will gain skill points by clearing story mode mainchapters(I, II, III and possible other in the future). There are about 13 hidden chests on the whole server, containing of 30, 50 or 100 skill points!

Upgrade System

Common upgrade crystals:
Every creature in-game with a BASE exp(before multiplier) of 150 or higher can drop it if you are below level 100. From level 100 the BASE exp must be (LEVEL * 5). it has a 6% chance (9% chance if you wear lucky clover amulet) to drop upgrade crystals. Creatures from the EXP room(e.g. Omni sense) do not drop any upgrade crystals. They also have 60% break chance. Rogues has 10% less breakchance as their rolls are a lot more random due to versatility of skils/bonusses..

The upgrade crystals are used to improve your equipment with stat boosts. Which stats boots are applied to the equipment depends on the vocation.

The common upgrade crystals comes in 2 colours. blue and violet.
Both have different effects.

The violet upgrade crystal gives the following boosts:
Shielding, Magic resistance, Mana leech chance, Life leech chance, Critical hit chance.
The blue upgrade crystal gives different stats based on the vocation, but the stats can be used by everyone! it gives the following boosts:

Mages can only boost (Magic level or Mana).
Paladins can only boost (Health, Mana or Distance)
Knight can only boost (melee or health).
Rogues can boost (Health, Mana, Magic level, Melee or Distance)
Monks can boost (Health, Mana or Magic level)
Battle mages can boost (Magic level, Mana & Melee)

The blue ugrade crystal can also give boosts as: Health regeneration, Mana regeneration or Attack speed. But is not vocation dependant.
Every equipment piece can be boosted. Every piece can have 3 slots.
The amount of stat boots varies between 1-3%. With a maximum of 90% (If every attribute is the same and a maximized stat of 3% each slot).
If you aren't satisfied with the results you can cleanse all the slots with a cleansing flask.

Legendary upgrade crystals
Every time you loot a upgrade crystal it has 1% chance to be a legendary upgrade crystal. This can be either yellow, red or green. They all have the same effect.

It has a 70% breakchance and can give stats boosts.
Attack / Defense / Armor with a maximum of 45%.
Increases range up to 60% (wands got range & damage increase!)
Up to 100% more duration of rings and stuff.
up to 55% more accuracy.
Up to 55% more charges.

You can override your legendary upgrade with the other. It will override even if the roll is lower then the current stat.