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Annihilator Quest

Location Fields of glory.
Level requirement 100
Required equipment Lock picks.
Creatures you may face Spiders, Wolves, Possible creatures from midnight forest, Stalker, Diabolic skeleton, Hero, Monk, Annihilator.
Reward Magic sword, Thunder Hammer, Stonecutter Axe or Annihilation bear.
- You need 3 other players.
- Annihilators are stronger then the regular devils.


1. By entering the cave as shown on the minimap. Follow the path to the right and get in the hole.

2. This time follow the path to the northern and get in the hole.

3. Follow the path untill you reach a building with a experience door(do not go in there), continue following the path and take the first path to the southern.

4. Setup a player on every tile, and pull the lever.

5. Fight your way to the reward room.