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16 April 2019 (03:43) by Animera - Crashes & Updates

Last week we had some issues with crashes, due to new systems and updates in combination with server optimization.

it wil be all launched and functioning properly again with all the new
improvements and updates that came the previous week.

14 February 2019 (08:41) by Animera - New Client

Dear folks,

For some reasons the old client did not work anymore.. which is the reason why most of us couldn't login yesterday.. (Crash on login screen)
I have no idea why or how but we have recreated the client from scratch again.

It should now work again, sorry for the inconvenience.
To compensate this experience we will launch the client fix with some new updates,
As we are already working on client updates i could atleast add some of it's updates into this 'fixed' client.

See ya in game!


24 December 2018 (21:58) by Animera - New server and website

We have official moved to our new server, so we expect a more stable gameplay and a better overall performance. There are still few stuff that causes crashes but will be solved very soon. Also the issue with client crashes is solved, you can download the new client at the new website!

15 December 2018 (04:48) by Animera - Animera 5.0 Update

Dear folks!

Have a lot of fun with the new updates!
There will be more updates following soon.

From now on we will only work on the new custom client.
The new client is ofcourse ready to download!

17 March 2018 (14:27) by Animera - Animera client update

Dear folks,

We have new update to our client, and to our game.

Upgrade crystal drop is increased.
Upgrade crystal has now a breakchance.
Exp room slightly nerfed.
Paladins are able to shoot ammunition while using pots.
7.6 Outfits / Graphics added.
Custom graphics added.
Fist fighting is replaced for Attack speed. Skillable with and without weapons.
Fishing skill has been replaced for magic resistance.
Fishing depends on user's level now.
Weapons for attack speed is added.
Sharpshooter spell increases attack speed instead of distance fighting.
Kororo slightly nerfed.
Reduced skill rate slightly.
Implemented ghost town, you can visit ghost town by going through the time machine in enigma city.
Task bosses teleports will now inform you when you do not meet the requirements.

Download the latest client!

See ya in-game!

The Animera Team