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Story Mode

The story mode is comparable to doing quests. Exploring, Talking to NPC's, slay creatures/bosses, gathering items etc(except we've added cutscenes to the story modes).

One of the pro's is that the story mode is very easy guided by the target localizer. Which will guide your way through the big unknown map.

If you like boss fights, story mode has a few challenging bosses around.

By doing story mode chapters, you can gain experience, money, items, addons, skills and/or skill points etc!


Story Mode I
Chapter 1 – Tutorial island.
Chapter 2 – Meeting devon the sailor.
Chapter 3 – Gaining trust of the sailor.
Chapter 4 – Showing evidence of citizenship.
Chapter 5 – Shipwreck.
Chapter 6 – Meet the Dark Alliance.
Chapter 7 – Operation: Doctor phill.
Chapter 8 – Operation: The Orc King I.
Chapter 9 – Operation: The Orc King II.

Story Mode II
Chapter 1 – Operation: Yeti.
Chapter 2 – Operation: Kororo.
Chapter 3 – We got company..
Chapter 4 – A new rival?
Chapter 5 – Wanted dead or alive?
Chapter 6 – Operation: Puppeteer Master.
Chapter 7 – Operation: Genocide Machine.
Chapter 8 – Operation: Fortress Golem.
Chapter 9 – Operation: Nova Serpent.

Story Mode III

Chapter 1 – Assistance request from Sunrise City.
Chapter 2 – Rival rematch: Longshot.
Chapter 3 – Operation: Tyranosaur King.
Chapter 4 – Tsuful.
Chapter 5 – Testing androids.
Chapter 6 – A letter?
Chapter 7 – Force of nature.
Chapter 8 – Second promotion quest.
Chapter 9 – The dark emperor localized.

Chapter 1: Tutorial Island

See? It is not that hard to skip a tutorial.

By starting to check the commands the tutorial will start.

Foe TURTLE used withdraw!

Usualy upgrade crystals has a high breakchance, but on the tutorial island it never fails!

Get yourself a mount, it's between east gate and depot.

For your information: Sir dinkleberg is a knight, every vocations has it's own teacher.

Did i already mention you can kill the boss unlimited amount of times?

Having addons may be usefull for training or hunting!(skilling/regeneration bonus attributes)

Grey is not the person you need to talk to.

Yes, Enigma and stronger spawns :)

Chapter 2-6

hi » Task

Go to the boat and talk to devon.

hi » Sail

It seems Devon does not trust you, get back to anifried.

hi » proof

With the proof of citizenship( do not lose it! ), you will gain trust of Devon.

hi » Sail

Choose a city to travel to, It doesn't matter you will get shipwrecked anyway.

hi » Trouble » Repaired » yes » yes

Collect the 5 pieces of white cloth and 10x wood.
Before you leave, get to -1 and search for Shfara. By saying "hi" he will charge you.

hi » repaired » yes

Chapter 7-8
It's time to progress on your first mission given by the BHG. Leave the city through the east gate.
• Beware! The bears are stronger then you are used to! So don't try to fight more at the same time!
• Do not hesitate to spam your spells as food will instantly heal you, aside the full recovery on level advancements.

Walk the ramp up, and walk your way through the bears. Go ramp down. You will be now between the mountains next to the sea. Find the stairs to the bear cave, As the spawn is small
it is barely hard to miss.

Click on the sleeping bear, it will only work if you have a medicine pouch. Congratulations with your outfit. Go to Maximus to report about the mission. You will be now about level 20.

hi » Mission » yes

• Most creatures in the cave won't drop food.

• Skeletons are weak but can swarm easily with their summons, do not let them break your shield/trap you.

• Ghouls combo hard, try not to fight more then one at the same time. And don't get trapped in combination with skeleton swarms, they will quickly send you to temple.

• If you are inexperienced don't try to fight against beholders/witches/diabolic skeletons.

This time we will leave the city through the southern gate. Take the pick with you that Maximus given you. You will need it.

Follow the pink line first. Follow the green line after you have obtained your key.
From here it will be harder. More ghouls/skeleton warriors.

1. Walk through the fire/energy/poison fields. Make sure you have enough resources.
2. Just follow the route.
3. Follow the path to the south. Small passages, don't get trapped.
4. Follow the path to the south west.
5. Follow the path to the east.
6. Follow the path, but be carefull there might be a beholder lured from the east.

7. Open the skeleton corpse to obtain your key. There is an diabolic skeleton in the room!

8. Get back to the first floor and follow the green line and go down. You will encounter: 2 beholders, 1 witch and a skeleton warrior. CLOSE THE DOOR, if you are inexperienced.

Chapter 9
From here, we will leave it to you.

Keep in mind Story Mode I is pretty easy to finish. from Story Mode II the difficulty increases rapidly.