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The Snowpoint city arena Quest

Location Snowpoint city [Next to the temple below ground floor]
Level requirement 30 (Although we recommend a higher level to clear it).
Required equipment -
Creatures you may face Rot elemental, Chakoya windcaller, Gozzler, Execowtioner, Armadile, Frost giant, Stone devourer, Orewalker, Vampire viscount, Werewolf.
Reward Knight: Beastslayer axe, Tower shield. Mages: Hat of the mad, Spellbook of warding. Paladin: Belted cape, Crossbow Lv2.
- What this arena makes different compared to other arena's is the fact that you have no breaks in between the battles. As soon you have slain a creature the next comes up. So keep an eye to your health even if your target is close to death. The difficulty increase fast in this arena.

- You need to be atleast level 30 to do the arena, But it is hard to clear the arena below level 60 without skills/strategy or equipment.

- Only one player at a time can do the arena, the arena reset after every new try. So if you have lost your loot do not think restoring it.

- Some creature may have the following abilitie(s) as haste, paralyze, healing, skill reduce, conditions(bleeding, poison etc).

- Werewolf with it's 2 summons are able to shield break you. So be cautious. We recommend as knight to dance around the werewolf.


Getting to the snowpoint city arena.

- Take the boat to Snowpoint city.

- Follow the path to the north east of the city. Untill you reached the snowpoint city temple.
- On the right side of the snowpoint city temple there is a stair, take the stairs to below.
- Walk to the left untill you see a special tile next to a lever.

By pulling the lever you will start the snowpoint city arena


1. Rot elemental (HP: 600 / EXP: 550 / DPS: 30-590)
2. Chakoya windcaller (HP: 750 / EXP: 600 / DPS: 20-760)
3. Gozzler (HP: 900 / EXP: 800 / DPS: 40-530)
4. Execowtioner (HP: 1200 / EXP: 1000 / DPS: 50-656)
5. Armadile (HP: 1550 / EXP: 1350 / DPS: 60-1030)
6. Frost giant (HP: 1800 / EXP: 1650 / DPS: 55-640)
7. Stone devourer (HP: 2200 / EXP: 2050 / DPS: 60-850)
8. Orewalker (HP: 2600 / EXP: 2150 / DPS: 75-1010)
9. Vampire viscount (HP: 3300 / EXP: 2800 / DPS: 0-1200)
10. Werewolf (HP: 3800 / EXP: 2900 / DPS: 180-1105 with it's 2 summons included)

After clearing the arena, take the door on the northern side of the arena. Every room is for a different vocation. With each room containing 2 items(which you can claim both).

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